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We’re devoting a lot of time to the blog this month on raising awareness about gum disease. It’s in that same spirit that our team at Carolina Bright Smiles is filling you in on sedation dentistry in our Hillsborough, NC dental office and how it’s one of the most powerful secrets to help you get a healthier smile.

How To Get The Smile You Want With Sedation Dentistry

*It Allows You To Get The Dental Treatment You Need!

The biggest hurdle to a healthy smile so many adults in this country face is fear. Dental anxiety affects millions of Americans, and it’s what keeps them from visiting the dentist regularly to prevent issues like gum disease and tooth loss.

Unsightly smile flaws like stained, damaged, or missing teeth tells of your dental anxiety faster than anything else.

That’s because only a dentist and hygienist have the tools to remove plaque and tartar on your teeth and around your gumline that lead to serious problems with your oral health.

*It Builds Your Confidence Is More Ways Than One!

Anyone who’s struggled with dental anxiety will tell you that cosmetic dentistry is completely off the table. How could you possibly consider undergoing cosmetic treatment if you can barely make it to the dentist office for routine check-ups?

You can with sedation dentistry!

As your oral health is restored with treatment at Carolina Bright Smiles, you’ll begin to feel more and more confident with each visit.

Once your mouth is healthy and you’ve seen firsthand that dental treatment is nothing to fear, you’ll have the courage to pursue cosmetic dentistry for the smile you want! This will boost your confidence well outside the dentist office because you’ll know your smile looks amazing!

Let Sedation Dentistry Work For You!

Many first-time patients who’ve been paralyzed by fear and anxiety about the dentist office are hesitant to believe that sedation dentistry will work for them.

Dr. Garrett and our team are able to prove to patients time and again that it does work as long as we find the method that suits their particular needs.

It’s all about getting to know you, what’s behind your nervousness, and what your dental needs are.

We offer two forms of dental sedation at Carolina Bright Smiles. The first is one you’ve probably heard of before, which is nitrous oxide.

Commonly called laughing gas, it’s used to aid in relaxation for patients who feel mildly anxious about dental treatment.

It’s administered at the start of treatment, is safe for all ages, and wears off immediately so you’re able to drive yourself home when your appointment is complete.

For more moderate to severe dental anxiety, or for patients who require a longer procedure, oral sedation is highly effective.

This is medication in pill form that you take prior to your appointment so that by the time you’re in the dental chair you’re completely relaxed during treatment.

It does take longer to wear off, so you’ll need to bring someone who can drive you home until the sedative wears off.

Along with sedation options, you’ll feel at ease thanks to our warm, friendly staff and various comfort amenities in our Hillsborough, NC dental office.

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Carolina Bright Smiles is a dental practice that truly cares about you. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to know how many people are out there with unhealthy smiles for a reason that can so easily be remedied.

Dental anxiety keeps millions of Americans from the dentist office, and consequently, living with devastating oral health problems.

Cavities, damaged, stained teeth, and even tooth loss brought on by gum disease are all avoidable problems in the right hands. But fear is one of the biggest causes of these issues!

That’s why Dr. Garrett and our skilled, caring staff work so hard to provide the kind of environment and quality care to make you as comfortable as possible.

When you have the courage to visit us for routine dental check-ups, we can keep your teeth and gums healthy so you don’t have to face the kind of dental treatment you fear most.

But even if your fears have led you to the point where you need a lot of dental work to restore your oral health, sedation dentistry is an incredibly powerful tool to make it all possible for you.

Learn more about how we can make dental care comfortable for you at Carolina Bright Smiles. Call our Hillsborough, NC dental office today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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