Oral Surgery

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Oral surgery can sound a whole lot scarier than it is. At our Hillsborough, NC dentist office, we believe in pain-free dentistry. That means we’ll do your bone graft procedure or wisdom tooth extraction (third molar extraction) with as little discomfort to you as possible.

Our Oral Surgery Procedures

A bone graft procedure is generally done to prepare your jaw for a dental implant. You can lose bone mass in your jaw as you age or as a result of tooth loss. A dental implant anchors into your jawbone, much like your natural tooth, so it’s important you have enough bone to properly support it. The graft will stimulate your jaw to produce more bone.

Your wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. We are skilled at wisdom teeth extraction. However, not everyone must have them removed. Some possible scenarios requiring wisdom teeth extraction are:

  • Your mouth is not large enough to accommodate a third set of molars, and their eruption will cause overcrowding and pain
  • Your wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle
  • Your wisdom teeth are coming in beneath your other teeth
  • Your wisdom teeth are only partially erupting and putting you at risk for infection

Wisdom teeth are so far back in your mouth they can also be difficult to brush and floss properly, making them highly susceptible to cavities.

During your comprehensive dental exam, Carolina Bright Smiles will take digital X-rays that can show us if your wisdom teeth should be removed. It helps to have them removed before they begin to bother you. If you’re experiencing pain in the back of your mouth or in your jaw, it may be a sign that your wisdom teeth are coming in. They typically appear in your late teens or early twenties.

Get the oral surgery you need by the dentists who care. Call our Hillsborough, NC dentist office at 919-296-0409 or use our online form to schedule your appointment today!

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