Regain Your Oral Function With Dentures in Hillsborough, NC

Many things about our bodies change as we age. When it comes to your smile, that can mean missing teeth. At Carolina Bright Smiles, we can replace missing teeth with dentures. In addition to traditional dentures, you can choose implant dentures.

Implant dentures are more like natural teeth because they:

  • Require Little Care – Depending on the kind of replacement teeth you choose, you won’t need to remove them for cleaning.
  • Stay in Place – Your teeth replacements won’t move if they’re attached to dental implants. Eat what you want with no concern about teeth coming loose.
  • Keep Your Jaw Strong – Since implants stimulate your jaw like tooth roots do, your jaw stays stronger and healthier.
  • Feel Like Natural Teeth – Since they don’t rub against your gums, they are more comfortable.

Our doctors have advanced training in placing and restoring dental implants. To schedule a complimentary consultation with Carolina Bright Smiles, call us at 919-296-0409 or visit us in the Hampton Pointe shopping center in Hillsborough, NC. Our office is easy to reach from all points of The Triangle: Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, and Chapel Hill, NC.

Get Precise Placement With Our Advanced Technology

Our dentists use advanced technology like digital X-rays and 3-D imaging to determine if you’re a good candidate for implant-secured dentures and to accurately plan your procedure. If you aren’t already wearing dentures, you’ll receive a set of temporary teeth replacements to wear while you wait for your implant-supported dentures to be ready.

After your placement procedure, your jaw will grow around your bio-friendly implants, a process that usually takes several months. In a second surgery, our dentists will attach abutments to your implants. The abutments will connect your implants to your new set of dentures. We’ll take an impression of your mouth that will be used to create your final dentures.

When your new replacement teeth arrive, we’ll place and adjust them to ensure a comfortable fit. We’ll also show you how to best care for your smile.

Don’t settle for loose, wobbly dentures that make it hard to speak and chew. Call our Hillsborough, NC dentist office at 919-296-0409 to see if you’re a candidate for dental implants with dentures.

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