Teeth Whitening

Carolina Bright Smiles is the Hillsborough, NC dentist office to choose for a brighter smile – it’s in our name! Our teeth whitening treatment is just one way our team of dentists can use cosmetic dentistry to give you a brilliant smile.

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Get a smile that looks like it belongs in a toothpaste ad. Call us at 919-296-0409 to schedule an appointment today! Our dental office is located in the Hampton Pointe shopping center in Hillsborough, NC, convenient to all sides of The Triangle:

  • Chapel Hill, NC
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Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Dull teeth can feel like punishment for:

  • Aging
  • Enjoying coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Smoking
  • Health issues

But you don’t have to go through life feeling displeased with your teeth. Free yourself – and your smile – with professional teeth whitening treatment. We use Opalescence® by Ultradent to brighten your teeth by several shades.

How Can I Get A Brighter Smile?

Lift stains with our in-office whitening treatment plan using custom whitening trays. While your teeth get brighter, you can pass the time catching up on your Netflix queue on one of the TVs we have in each treatment room.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Professional teeth whitening from our Hillsborough, NC dentist is a safe, reliable way to brighten your smile. The ADA advises that teeth whitening treatment should be done under the supervision of your dentist. Over-the-counter kits provide unreliable results, and there is greater potential that trays not customized for your mouth can irritate your gums or leave your teeth feeling sensitive.

Let Carolina Bright Smiles brighten your day by whitening your teeth. For assistance scheduling your appointment, you can reach a friendly team member by using our online form or calling 919-296-0409.

More Gaps in Your Smile!
More Gaps in Your Smile!

Not Your Children's Braces! Adults can get straight, beautiful teeth in half the time. See how YOU can achieve a new smile in our FREE e-book.

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There are three different teeth whitening options that really work and will give you better result compared to the whitening products that are store-bought. Find out more about our teeth whitening options here - Get a smile that looks like it belongs in a toothpaste ad. Call us at 919-296-0409/ 919-283-2170 to schedule an appointment with our Hillsborough, NC dentist. Follow us on: Facebook - Google+ -