How To Stop Letting Dental Anxiety Control You [BLOG]

Is anyone really happy about going to the dentist?

As much as we’d love to hear that patients enjoyed coming to Carolina Bright Smiles for the first time, we know they don’t if they’ve spent years away from routine dental care because of dental anxiety.

However, what we soon see are those same patients overcoming their fears and taking back their oral health from the grips of anxiety thanks to their experiences in our Hillsborough, NC dental office.

Today, you’ll learn more about how we help patients stop letting fear control them, their health, or their happiness.

How Dental Anxiety Gained Control Of Your Health

You’re afraid of the dentist like many millions of other adults, but not for necessarily the same reasons.

Here are several common ways people allow dental anxiety to gain control of their oral health in the first place.

*Your Past Experiences Made You Fear The Dentist*

Probably the toughest reason for dental fear to overcome is your own negative memories and experiences from past dentist appointments.

If you had a painful, traumatic treatment when you were young, it’s really challenging to give modern dentistry a chance.

*You’ve Stayed Out Of The Dental Chair Too Long*

We tend to create monsters in our heads when it comes to things unfamiliar to us, which is exactly what many people do if they haven’t been to the dentist in a long, long time.

You’ve been out of the loop, so you might make treatments seem worse than they are in reality.

*You’ve Been Told How Awful Treatments Are*

Along with being away from the dentist for a long time, your fears might be compounded by the stories people tell you about their own awful experiences with dental treatment.

It’s understandable to trust the stories your friends and family members tell about dentist appointments, but until you let yourself experience modern, painless dentistry can you learn to get over this hurdle.

*You Can’t Relax*

Sometimes we encounter patients who simply can’t relax. Maybe they don’t have crippling fear of dental treatment, but they have enough nervousness about it that they can’t sit still and let their body feel at ease.

What We Do To Help You Get Over Dental Anxiety

Every patient feels uneasy about the dentist office for different reasons, which means you need a dentist and staff who can take several approaches to helping you overcome your dental anxiety.

Here’s how we do it at Carolina Bright Smiles:

*Anutra Medical Anesthetics*

One of the scariest things about dental treatment is that many practices rely on needles to get your mouth numb.

But with our Anutra Medical anesthetic option, you won’t suffer the sting to keep your mouth numb during your procedure.

*Laughing Gas*

Inhaled sedation, or laughing gas, is one of the most common forms dentists rely on to relax nervous patients.

It’s just enough of a sedative to allow your body to relax during your treatment, yet mild enough that you can still drive safely to and from your appointment.

*Sedation In Pill Form*

By taking a sedative shortly before your appointment, you’ll feel calm and relaxed in time for your procedure. You’ll need to arrange transportation to and from our dental office so you’re safe while the medication takes effect before, and wears off after, your appointment.

Regain Control Today!

You can win back your smile and health today by calling Carolina Bright Smiles.

We’ll set up a visit to our Hillsborough, NC dental office so you can learn more about how we can help you beat dental anxiety for good.

You can ask questions, talk to someone from our team about your fears and concerns, and get more information about our numbing and sedation techniques, as well as our comfort options so your new journey forward is a positive, healthy one!

Call Carolina Bright Smiles today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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