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Because we know that you’ve probably fantasized about having a beautiful smile but just aren’t sure how to get it or whether to trust you’ll see noticeable returns on your investment.

Since many of us have finances and tax returns on the brain this season, we thought it was the perfect chance to fill you in on veneers in our Hillsborough, NC dental office and how you benefit!

What You Gain From Dental Veneers

Right now, you’re probably used to hiding your smile and have long forgotten what it feels like to socially engage freely without stress or anxiety.

You’ve become so accustomed to keeping your mouth closed when you smile for pictures or meet someone new. Maybe you’ve gotten into the habit of covering your mouth with your hand any time someone cracks a funny joke.

Veneers allow you to leave all that behind!

Dr. Garrett will custom design your dental veneers so that all your smile goals are met, or rather exceeded, as many of our Hillsborough, NC patients have experienced firsthand!

So what exactly might you gain from this cosmetic investment?

Here are a few perks:

*A Stunning Smile*

We offer all kinds of cosmetic dental treatments to correct unsightly flaws.

But if you really want to get a Hollywood smile in one convenient treatment, dental veneers are the perfect choice!

Originally made for film actors and actresses, veneers transform the look of your teeth in a number of ways:

*They make them look evenly-shaped and sized!

*They whiten them according to your color preference!

*They close any gaps between them!

*They conceal cracks, chips, and other surface enamel damage!

Imagine taking care of all the embarrassing flaws that now make you insecure and ashamed to smile, laugh, and enjoy the company of others in just one fell swoop!

That’s what you gain with dental veneers, a stunning smile you can’t help but show off.

*More Confidence*

You know how a flawed smile can wreck your self-esteem. That insecurity follows you everywhere you go, affecting your behavior and keeping you from being your true self.

But once you have a gorgeous, flawless smile, you won’t be able to keep yourself out of the spotlight! You’ll have confidence and courage to enjoy life’s special moments, feeling secure in all sorts of social and professional situations.

*Whiter Teeth*

Veneers are a radiant white, matched according to your desired color. That means all the years of drinking coffee, soda, tea, and red wine are wiped away in an instant!

Did we mention your veneers will repel stains as long as you wear them?

That’s right!

Years of a beautiful, glowing white smile all because you chose veneers!

*Better Oral Health*

Even though we recommend dental veneers as a cosmetic solution, they can also serve a restorative function. Cracked and chipped teeth can pose a threat to your dental health because they provide easy access for bacteria to infiltrate the delicate insides of your teeth.

Veneers are bonded to your damaged teeth, covering and protecting them from harmful bacteria.

You can also brush and floss everyday like normal!

This is what makes veneers a good choice for your smile’s appearance and your oral health!


Many patients are surprised to learn just how lasting veneers can be, especially when they’re properly cared for.

That’s because they’re deceptively durable for such wafer-thin composition. Along with their strength, these porcelain shells even combat stains because of their resistant exterior.

With the right care and daily brushing and flossing, you can enjoy your new smile with real longevity. We’ve seen veneers last our patients up to twenty years or more!

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