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Your smile is incredibly important, not just to your appearance, but in how comfortable you are with being yourself around others.

Even one or two crooked teeth can be enough to wreck your confidence, which is why you should seek short-term orthodontic treatment in our Hillsborough, NC dental office.

Now, before you panic at the thought of wearing braces, just know that we have the secret to straightening your teeth in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sound too good to be true?

Then we’re thrilled to introduce you to Six Month Smiles, a faster way to get the smile you want!

Start Six Months Smiles Now & Look Great For Your Valentine!

If thinking about the time commitment of orthodontic treatment and what it would do to your appearance has you apprehensive about pursuing your dream smile, today’s blog is for you! Here are three reasons you’ll appreciate our short-term orthodontics at Carolina Bright Smiles.

*It Straightens Teeth Fast*

Not everyone who has crooked teeth or gaps in their smile needs to realign every single tooth. Sometimes the cosmetic dilemma facing orthodontic patients really only concerns the front teeth that show when they smile.

It’s also common for those who’ve had braces before to notice a change in the position of their teeth as they’ve gotten older, in which case, they really don’t need to go through another two years worth of orthodontic treatment.

This is what makes Six Months Smiles such a great alternative to traditional braces!

If you don’t have major bite problems and just want to close a gap or correct a few poorly-positioned or crooked teeth in the front, this may be the perfect way to get the straight, beautiful smile you want!

*It’s A More Discreet Method*

Not only is this short-term orthodontic treatment more comfortable than an entire mouthful of braces, it’s also more discreet. Six Month Smiles is typically composed of brackets and wires that are color-matched to blend in more with your smile.

So along with not having to go through years of treatment, you can also avoid sacrificing your appearance during your brief stint with orthodontics like you would wearing noticeable dark metal braces.

*It Gives You A Smile You’ll Love*

Love will be in the air on Valentine’s Day and everyday when you choose Six Month Smiles! Straight teeth that are properly pulled together make for a more attractive smile, and you’ll love the way you look. Not only will you look great in time for your special date with your sweetheart, but you’ll have a smile ready for years worth of date nights!

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No, a beautiful smile in time for Valentine’s Day is not too good to be true!

Six Month Smiles gets the job done in a fraction of the time of standard braces by straightening only your front teeth that have the greatest impact on the overall appearance of your smile.

Call Carolina Bright Smiles today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to schedule an orthodontic consultation in our Hillsborough, NC dental office!

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