Send Your Kids Back To School With Healthy Teeth! [BLOG]

You still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer, but soon, the kids will be heading back to school for a new semester.

Make sure their teeth and gums are clean and healthy with help from your friends at Carolina Bright Smiles! Bring them in soon for a dental cleaning and exam, and in the meantime, check out today’s blog for a few ways to ensure your family’s smiles stay healthy.

Healthy Teeth Tips For Your Family

Here are a few healthy teeth tips from your Hillsborough dentist to keep in mind as we head closer to the new school year:

*Eat More Fiber*

You know that too much sugar is bad for your teeth, and as a parent, you probably already do your best to keep junk food and soft drinks out of the kitchen as much as possible.

But a healthy mouth isn’t just about the stuff you stay away from.

It’s about what you add to your family’s diet that can make a positive difference in keeping dental problems to a minimum.

Start with adding more fiber! It’s helpful in promoting saliva production and neutralizing the acids in your mouth that eat through tooth enamel.

Along with that, make sure everyone is getting plenty of water to avoid dry mouth so their teeth and gums have the protective shield of saliva against acids and harmful bacteria.

*Be Diligent About Dental Habits*

As crazy as the family schedule can get in the weeks leading up to a new school year, with all the shopping for clothes and supplies, doctor and dentist appointments, and fresh haircuts. In the mayhem, it’s easy to let daily oral hygiene slip through the cracks.

Kids are already less consistent with brushing and flossing and need reminders from parents to stay on top of those essential dental habits. So make sure your family continues to keep their teeth and gums clean every single day to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

*Visit Your Hillsborough Dentist*

Studies have shown that problems with oral health contribute quite a bit to children’s absences from school. Tooth decay and cavities, not to mention the pain they cause, are common culprits, with kids having to miss time in the classroom for dental appointments.

Keep your kids in the classroom this semester by visiting your Hillsborough dentist before school starts.

Our hygienist will start with a deep cleaning to remove any plaque from their teeth and check for decay. Then we can use digital X-rays to get a closer look inside their mouth to monitor their dental development and detect early signs of trouble.

If Dr. Garrett finds any cavities, we can provide tooth-colored fillings so they can return to school with a bright, healthy smile!

Schedule An Appointment!

Make sure your kids have strong, healthy teeth and a confident smile before they head back to school!

Visit your Hillsborough dentist for a routine cleaning and comprehensive dental exam so we can check for tooth decay and cavities and take care of any problems while you still have some lazy days of summer left!

Call us today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment at Carolina Bright Smiles!

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