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A beautiful smile is something very few of us are born with.

That’s perfectly fine as long as you have a talented dentist like Dr. Garrett at Carolina Bright Smiles!

In our Hillsborough, NC practice, you can make your summer project a new and improved smile with custom dental veneers!

Keep reading to find out how to get this simple, yet transformative smile upgrade!

When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Smile, Choose Veneers!

When you’re ready to give your smile an upgrade, there’s no better solution than dental veneers.

Made to replicate natural tooth enamel, with its delicate translucence, modern veneers are finely crafted out of porcelain and other materials to fit over stained, damaged, or misshapen teeth. They adhere firmly to your own enamel that’s been carefully etched for maximum hold and proper fit.

Once your customized veneers are placed, you’re going to have a gorgeously bright, flawless smile, which can mean a huge improvement to your confidence and your overall look!

Dental Veneers Give You A Hollywood Smile!

Dentists from all around will tell you that the way to get a Hollywood smile is with dental veneers. And there’s a good reason for that!

Veneers were originally created for actors and actresses in the early days of film. It was a way to make their smiles shine on the big screen.

The earliest veneers certainly served their purpose, but they didn’t last very long. In fact, they would fall off after only a few hours. No big deal if you walked through life with a director to yell, “Cut!” when your teeth weren’t exactly at their strongest, right?

Fortunately, dentists got hold of these early veneers and improved upon them throughout the years. Now, you can wear veneers for up to twenty years or more with the right care!

They’re far more durable and lifelike than in the early days of cinema, and they give you a smile that’s fit for Hollywood!

Veneers: From Small Imperfections To Huge Improvements

Here are a few ways that dental veneers can take your smile from full of small imperfections to a huge improvement in your overall appearance!

*Close Gaps Between Teeth*

Adults are often surprised to realize that their teeth never stop moving completely. It’s why you may have had braces when you were a teen and find yourself embarrassed by gaps between your teeth as a grown up.

Dental veneers are like instant orthodontics because they close gaps between teeth and even mask awkwardly-positioned teeth, as well.

The result is an even, sophisticated smile as if you just completed orthodontic treatment!

*Cover Teeth Stains*

From your morning cup of coffee to your nightly glass of red wine, you do a lot over the years to change the color of your teeth. Since it’s not something that happens overnight, a dull, dingy smile is something that sneaks up on you until it’s too late and the stains have already set in.

Veneers not only cover dark, stubborn stains on your teeth, but they will repel stains for as long as you wear them!

*Conceal The Damage To Your Teeth*

Tooth enamel isn’t invincible against surface damage like cracks and chips. They may start out small, barely noticeable in fact, but over time, chips and cracks can worsen.

The longer you let any damage to your teeth go without repair, the more at risk your teeth are to breaking or becoming infected by bacteria.

Dental veneers conceal minor damage so it doesn’t get worse, and it also keeps your teeth protected from damage in the future.

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Your smile!

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