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Now that February is here, it’s open season for Cupid and his quest to strike his arrow into the hearts of unsuspecting singles everywhere!

Whether you’ve already been his target or are hoping this Valentine’s Day might be the love connection you’ve been hoping for, you need to look your best!

Before your big Valentine’s date, make sure your smile is pearly white with teeth whitening treatment at Carolina Bright Smiles.

We offer a powerful whitening system you can enjoy in our comfortable Hillsborough, NC dental office. In no time, you’ll be ready to smile confidently for your special someone, and with any luck, that person won’t be able to resist getting a little closer.

Get A Whiter Smile Before Your Big Date!

Pulling off the perfect Valentine’s date takes quite a bit of effort!

Think what you want about the holiday, the fact is the pressure is on to deliver a great evening. And since it’s the most popular date night of the year, these aren’t the sort of plans you can just throw together at the last minute.

Some details are pretty easy. You’ll make dinner reservations early enough to get a good table, you’ll buy tickets to the orchestra or the latest rom com online ahead of time, and you’ll make sure that bouquet of flowers are beautifully fresh and fragrant.

Whitening your teeth can be as simple as those little details, too!

It might feel like there’s nothing you can do about a lackluster smile at this point. It makes you self-conscious, but until now, you’ve just settled for it as the hand you’ve been dealt.

But the truth is, everyone is susceptible to stubborn teeth stains. There are several reasons for this, but the most common causes of a dull, discolored smile are:




-Dark Food & Drinks


-Poor Health

When you call our Hillsborough, NC dental office to schedule your teeth whitening treatment, those unsightly stains can be lifted in a snap!

Our in-office treatment is a great way to make your smile shine in time for your romantic evening.

Professional Teeth Whitening Makes A Difference

When it comes to the type of teeth whitening system you use, it’s important to consider what your time and money are worth.

That’s because it may seem like a good idea at first to grab some whitening strips from the dental care aisle of a local store.

But those aren’t going to give you a white smile like Dr. Garrett can.

As a certified dental professional, Dr. Garrett is able to provide the kind of whitening system that gives you dramatic results safely, affordably, and effectively.

The store brands just don’t measure up, which is why they’re so cheap. They may claim to whiten your teeth a certain number of shades, but they’re bleaching agents are weak, at best.

But even if they could whiten your teeth a little bit, they won’t stay as bright as long than if you had it professionally done.

On top of that, those whitening kits are mass produced, which means you’re putting your gums at risk because of poorly-fitted strips and mouth trays.

For results you deserve and the safe application you deserve, trust Dr. Garrett for a glowing Valentine’s Day smile!

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment!

The best accessory for any occasion is a beautiful smile. It shows people that you care about your health, you’re capable, and confident.

It’s particularly helpful when you have someone like a Valentine’s Day sweetheart you’d like to draw in a little closer!

Teeth whitening has never been easy thanks to modern techniques and a dental office that invests in technology and in your comfort.

While you’re getting a brighter, more beautiful smile for your upcoming date night, you can relax in our comfortable dental chair and enjoy watching television with the help of noise cancelling headphones.

At Carolina Bright Smiles, our top priority is making sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

But that’s not where our commitment to you stops.

We also want you to have a smile that makes you look and feel your best.

Let us do that for you as you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year!

Call our Hillsborough, NC dental office today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.

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