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Is your smile ready for Thanksgiving? Are you confident about showing off your pearly whites for family photos?

Perhaps it is, assuming your whites are “pearly” to begin with, right? Stained teeth, in the grand scheme of things, aren’t the worst possible dental problem you can have. But they’re still enough to zap your confidence when it comes to your smile.

There’s no avoiding the cameras and smartphones these days, especially around the holidays! But that’s okay, because you stumbled upon our blog today and will soon find out there’s a fast, safe, and effective way toward a brighter smile at all your upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings!

Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles can help give you a dazzling white smile you’ll can’t help but show off.

Today, we’re exploring causes of stained teeth and how we can help remove those stains with professional teeth whitening in our Hillsborough, NC dental office for a picture-perfect Thanksgiving smile!

The Curse Of Discoloration & The Blessing Of  Brightness!

You know what happens during the holidays. With a house full of close family and distant relatives, it’s the perfect opportunity to take pictures!

You want to capture memories with the people you care about, but at the same time, you don’t want to flash a dingy smile. After all, thanks to social media, your smile will be displayed all over social media within seconds, and you can’t make those go away once they’re out in cyberspace.

There are all kinds of reasons your teeth turned from white to dull over the years. Some common factors that lead to stained and discolored teeth are:


-Health Problems

-Lifestyle Habits

-Coffee, Tea, & Red Wine

-Dark, Acidic Foods

-Prescription Medications


Judging by this list of common factors, it’s easy to understand that despite your best efforts, the color of your teeth will inevitably change over time. In order to keep your teeth their whitest, you’ll need the help of a dentist.

At Carolina Bright Smiles, Dr. Garrett will sit down with you to discuss your smile goals and help you determine the best treatment to meet those goals.

You could opt for our custom-made trays and prescription strength take-home whitening system. This is great because it allows you to determine the pace of treatment in the comfort of your own home

You also have the option of veneers in our Hillsborough, NC dental office. Porcelain veneers are a great solution if the cause for your teeth discoloration will make them resistant to a standard whitening treatment.

Another advantage of dental veneers is that they can correct other kinds of cosmetic flaws with your smile such as small gaps and cracked or chipped teeth!

Let Teeth Whitening Brighten Your Holiday

If you’ve been considering running down to your local drugstore and scanning the dental care aisle for a whitening kit, take a minute to think about what your time and money are really worth.

With store-bought whitening systems, you’re already at a disadvantage. You might think that the money you save initially is worth it, but that’s only if it works! But these treatments aren’t allowed to contain the kind of whitening agents you’ll find at the dentist office.

That means any results you may (or may not) see will be mediocre compared to the dramatic results from a professional whitening treatment.

And even though the chemicals in store-bought treatments aren’t as strong, they can still pose a risk to your gum tissue if applied incorrectly. Part of the reason for that has to do with a one-size-fits-all approach to the manufacturing of mouth trays some of those kits come with.

A safe, effective whitening treatment really needs to be administered by an experienced professional like Dr. Garrett at Carolina Bright Smiles!

Request Your Teeth Whitening Consultation!

A glowing, confident smile might be just the boost you need to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday to the fullest. With all the pictures, videos, and social gatherings, you’ll need to flash a brighter, more beautiful smile that you can look back on years later and feel good about.

Come see the difference a whiter smile can make for your Thanksgiving experience!

Call Carolina Bright Smiles today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to request your consultation for professional teeth whitening treatment!

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