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Fall is such a wonderful time of year! Not only is the landscape transitioning into a colorful display of nature’s beauty, but it’s also a time for costumes, candy, pumpkins, and Halloween fright!

You might celebrate by checking out a local haunted house. Or maybe you plan on spending a few nights in enjoying a classic horror film. Everyone loves a good scare around Halloween!

That is, unless you’re already overcome with a very real fear of your own… your upcoming dental appointment. There’s nothing you dread more than walking in, being hit with the familiar doctor’s office smell of sanitizer and the spine tingling sounds of mysterious tools being used in the far off torture chamber where all the other helpless victims are sent. And you’re next.

If this scenario hits close to home for you, our team at Carolina Bright Smiles wants you to know that you’re certainly not alone. You’re one of an estimated 30-40 million adults across the country who suffer from dental anxiety.

It makes you intensely nervous as your appointment approaches, and it sets your heart racing and palms sweating during the appointment itself… that is, if you even show up to the dental office at all.

While we understand why many patients fear the dentist, we also know that in our Hillsborough, NC dental office, there’s no reason to feel this way!

That’s why we thought Halloween season was the perfect time to address this issue in our blog. Today, we want to encourage you to not only fight your dental fear this fall, but we want to let you know that you don’t have to fight alone!

The Scary Part About Dental Care Is Not Getting It!

Dr. Garrett and our experienced staff understand exactly where you’re coming from. We get why you dread your dental appointments. But we want you to understand that there is only one thing to fear about dental care, and that is getting no dental care at all!

Let’s talk about some of the negative consequences to skipping routine dental checkups!

Dental Problems

Some people believe the myth that if you have a dental problem like a cavity or an infected tooth, you’ll know it because it will hurt. That’s simply not true. Cavities and infections often come without any visible symptoms, pain, or discomfort. That’s why regular dental exams by an experienced dentist are so important!

Letting these problems go undetected and untreated will only allow them to turn into serious problems later.

Oral Health Problems

Just like with decay and infection, gum disease is one of those oral health issues that can be quite insidious. Gum disease can take years to reveal itself to you with obvious symptoms like:

-Red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums

-Loose or shifting teeth

-Tooth loss

-Persistent bad breath

-Receding gums

Once you actually notice these symptoms, oftentimes it’s your gum disease has already advanced, making it more difficult to treat. That’s why, again, dental professionals need to thorough clean and exam your mouth for early signs that only they can accurately detect and properly treat it.

Smile Problems

Any time you let problems with your teeth and gums go undetected and untreated, it will eventually lead to unsightly flaws, altering the appearance of your smile. This is what happens when restorative needs also become cosmetic needs. The longer you allow dental problems to take hold of your mouth, the more complicated and extensive your treatment will be to correct and reverse it all.

Let Us Help You Fight Dental Fear!

There are all sorts of reasons to celebrate fear this Halloween, but your dental appointments shouldn’t be one of them! Let us help you fight your dental fear this year with sedation dentistry at Carolina Bright Smiles!

We offer nitrous oxide for mildly anxious patients in our Hillsborough dental office. This is a safe, moderate form of sedation that allows you to feel calm and relaxed during your treatment. It wears off almost immediately after your procedure, and is safe for all ages.

For more intense anxiety, we offer medication. With an oral sedative that you take shortly before your appointment, you can get the dental care you desperately need without worry, stress, or pain. From the initial local anesthetic to the completion of your procedure, you’ll endure it all in a completely relaxed, comfortable state!

Are you ready to protect your smile and your health and overcome your fears about the dentist? We certainly are, and we’re excited to help you do that!
Call us today at 919-296-0409 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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