Dental Veneers: A Multipurpose Smile Solution [BLOG]

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Do your teeth flaws and imperfections make you feel pretty self-conscious about your smile?

No problem!

Dental veneers at Carolina Bright Smiles could be your smile’s multipurpose solution!

Today, Dr. Garrett and our team in Hillsborough, NC are sharing some of the ways veneers can overhaul your smile and make you look and feel better than ever!

Dental Veneers: A Multipurpose Smile Solution!

Conceptualized as a solution for film actors’ smile flaws, dental veneers were designed to give people a stunning Hollywood smile from the very beginning.

And they’ve only improved over time!

Dental veneers are delicately-thin shells that are custom-made from patient to patient. Bonded over your flawed teeth, veneers look and feel like natural teeth thanks to their translucent quality that’s similar to real enamel.

They can last for up to two decades, or even longer, depending on how well they’re maintained.

In just this one cosmetic treatment, your smile and overall appearance can be beautifully transformed!

The Problems In Your Smile Veneers Can Solve!

Not only do dental veneers make your smile look flawless and beautiful, they can protect your teeth as well.

Here are a few of the smile problems your custom veneers can solve!

*Damaged Teeth*

Damage to your tooth enamel poses two problems, one to your oral health and one to the appearance of your smile.

Visible nicks, chips, and cracks on the surface of your teeth can allow access for harmful bacteria, and it also makes for an unattractive smile.

But dental veneers can be bonded over your damaged teeth to hide these imperfections for a new and improved, gorgeous smile! What’s more is that veneers are strong and durable enough to give your teeth a restorative advantage because they’ll be protected against worsening or new damage down the road.

*Oddly-Shaped Teeth*

An inconsistency in the shape of your teeth can be just enough to make you feel insecure about your smile.

Dental veneers can give your smile more balance and sophistication because they’re custom-made to look beautifully uniform in size and shape. A tooth that’s pointy or rough around the edges from years of wear can be concealed behind a veneer so you can let go of those insecurities that have made you hide your smile.


Some teeth stains are too stubborn for standard teeth whitening treatment. That’s usually because not all discolored teeth got that way just from food, drinks, or perhaps tobacco use.

They got that way due to age, medications, health issues, or even an underlying dental problem.

Veneers can mask teeth stains and discoloration for a more radiant, glowing smile. The best part is that veneers resist stains, too!

Your smile will stay bright white for years!

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