A Quick Word About Life After Dental Implants [BLOG]

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You’ve just had a successful dental implant placement and are back on the road to a lifetime of better oral health and a lasting beautiful smile.


Now what?

That’s what our team at Carolina Bright Smiles is sharing in today’s blog!

We wanted to say a quick word about life after implants and how we can help you make them last with routine care in our Hillsborough, NC dental office.

A Quick Word About Life After Dental Implants

Just because you have dental implants, the most successful and lasting tooth replacement method, doesn’t mean you can disregard any oral health risks from this point on.

In fact, you’re just as vulnerable to bacterial infection with implants as you are when you have all your natural teeth.

Although now that you have dental implants, you should know that if bacterial infection does start to develop inside your mouth, it can harm your oral health faster than it otherwise would. That’s because your implant is bonded to your jawbone, so if bacteria is able to get under your gumline and spread to that area, it can deteriorate the bone and significantly threaten the stability of your implant.

The good news, though, is that with the right care, you can prevent that from happening!

How To Care For Your Dental Implants

Among the many advantages of dental implants is the fact that they’re quite a low-maintenance option in tooth replacement.

That’s because implants are topped with a lifelike dental crown, which serves as your new tooth. If you’ve ever had a dental crown in the past, you know that caring for them is the same as caring for all your other teeth. You basically just brush and floss them like you do natural teeth, but there is one important component to note here.

One of the most common reasons people need a dental implant in the first place has to do with tooth loss resulting from poor oral health, with gum disease topping the list of causes.

Gum disease starts because of harmful bacteria that infiltrates your teeth and gums, which could be avoided with proper oral hygiene at home and routine visits to your dentist.

Flossing once a day and brushing thoroughly, roughly two minutes each time, twice a day is a must. Routine cleanings and exams with Dr. Garrett at least twice a year is needed, as well.

So if you weren’t quite as vigilant about those two important factors before you got dental implants, now is the time to rededicate yourself to this commitment to lasting oral health.

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Have you put off visiting the dentist to learn more about dental implants because you just assumed it was too complicated a solution?

If that’s the case, then we hope today’s blog enlightened you about the ease with which you can take care of dental implants. Even more, we hope it’s helped open the door for you to this tooth replacement option.

If you already have dental implants and want to know more about how to make them last as long as possible, visit our Hillsborough, NC dental office and speak with Dr. Garrett!

He’ll answer your questions and be your support for life after dental implants!

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