Our Hillsborough, NC HealthyStart Program Can Keep Your Kids’ Smiles & Bodies Healthier

Getting permanent teeth is an exciting time in your child’s life, but it can come with complications. At Carolina Bright Smiles, we know that parents in and around Hillsborough, NC want their kids to:

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  • Have healthy mouths
  • Have straight teeth
  • Breathe comfortably

Our HealthyStart program can help your kids with all those things. This preventive approach to orthodontic care can help address problems in the earliest stages. With early intervention, your child could avoid more and bigger problems as they get older. Call 919-296-0409 to learn how this program could help one of your kids! Dr. Evie Sabet has advanced training and experience in this preventive orthodontic method.

Get Involved Now to Save Your Kids’ Smiles

As your kids are growing, it’s possible to guide how their mouths develop and how their teeth erupt. HealthyStart does this by using a custom-designed oral appliance, which can be worn while they sleep or just a few hours each day.

By using this BPA-free, latex-free, and silicone-free appliance, your child could reduce or eliminate bite problems, prevent crooked teeth, and encourage healthy jaw development. In addition to the cosmetic benefits for their smiles, this can help open your child’s airways, which could lower their risk of sleep-disordered breathing.

Preventive Orthodontics Helps With Health Issues As Well

HealthyStart can do more than just improve your child’s smile. By taking steps to alleviate breathing issues while your child sleeps, you are helping them get healthy sleep. Better sleep helps reduce their risk of ADHD, bedwetting, chronic allergies, snoring, teeth grinding, and trouble focusing at school.

You want your children to have nice smiles, and you want your children to get healthy, restful sleep. Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles can help you achieve those goals. Call 919-296-0409 today to learn more about HealthyStart. We’re located at 603 Hampton Pointe, Suite 1.

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