Short-Term Orthodontics

Our Hillsborough, NC dentist – Dr. Garrett and Dr. Hampton – are committed to giving you a straight smile in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s why we offer short-term orthodontics treatment like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles®.

To get on the straight-smile fast track, visit Carolina Bright Smiles in the Hampton Pointe shopping center on Hampton Pointe Boulevard. Drop in to make your appointment, or work with one of our friendly team members over the phone by calling us at 919-296-0409.

Dr. Garrett on Invisalign

Six Month Smiles: 2-6 Months

Six Month Smiles is a great choice for the adult who doesn’t have major alignment issues and is more concerned about the appearance of their smile. You might be the right candidate for Six Month Smiles if:

  • You wore braces when you were younger and your teeth have shifted with age
  • You have a few teeth out of place that you’d like to correct
  • You have a gap between teeth that you’d like to close up
  • Your teeth are only slightly too crooked for dental veneers

Invisalign Short-Term Orthodontics: 6-12 Months

You’ll appreciate that with Invisalign:

  • You can remove your aligners when you need to, such as while eating, playing sports, or posing for photos.
  • You can straighten your teeth without calling attention to your braces because the aligners are clear!
  • You’ll be able to stay up on your oral hygiene because flossing and brushing are easier than when you have metal braces and brackets in the way.
  • You’ll swap out your aligner every two weeks, so it’s really easy to mark your progress toward straighter teeth.

You deserve the smile you want – get it in a few months, not years! Call our Hillsborough, NC dentist office at 919-296-0409 to schedule your short-term orthodontics treatment with Carolina Bright Smiles, or fill out our easy online form. And don’t forget to get a retainer to make sure your teeth stay straight after treatment.

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