Preparing For Your Oral Surgery & Recovery [BLOG]

Dr. Garrett and our team at Carolina Bright Smiles can handle just about any dental problem you might face throughout your lifetime. We talk a lot in our blog about how to ensure your teeth and gums stay strong and healthy, but today, we’re looking at what happens when you experience setbacks that require oral surgery. As frightening as it might ...

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What You Gain From Dental Veneers [BLOG]

Dr. Garrett and our team at Carolina Bright Smiles wants to see you! Why? Because we know that you’ve probably fantasized about having a beautiful smile but just aren’t sure how to get it or whether to trust you’ll see noticeable returns on your investment. Since many of us have finances and tax returns on the brain this season, we thought ...

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Dental Crown Destruction & What To Do About It [BLOG]

Dental crowns are one of the most common solutions that many people will need to preserve their oral health at some point throughout a lifetime. Quality crowns at Carolina Bright Smiles are beautiful, natural-looking, and tough! But in rare cases, permanent dental crowns turn out to be not quite so permanent. They can fail you just like anything ...

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Facts About Oral Cancer [INFOGRAPHIC]

As part of our mission to give you the best dental care in Hillsborough, NC, our team at Carolina Bright Smiles includes oral cancer screenings as part of your routine cleanings and exams. We know how important early detection is to your oral and overall health, which is why we’re dedicated to being as thorough as possible in our practice. Part of ...

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Guided Implant Placement In Hillsborough, NC! [VIDEO]

Just when you thought tooth replacement couldn’t be more advanced, technology surprises us again! At Carolina Bright Smiles, our modern dental office houses the latest software that allows us to plan your dental implant procedure with even more precision than ever before. Here’s Dr. Garrett talking more about this advanced strategy for guided ...

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You’ll Look Amazing With Restorative Dentistry [PHOTO]

If you’ve ever worried about whether or not your smile will look natural after you fix damaged teeth, this is your lucky day! Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles is sharing just one of our many before and after success photos! As you can clearly see, restorative dentistry in our Hillsborough, NC office will have you leaving with a fully-repaired, ...

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Calling All Couples: Get Cosmetic Dentistry Before Your Wedding! [BLOG]

We want to wish all the engaged couples out there our sincerest congratulations and well wishes! Dr. Garrett and our team at Carolina Bright Smiles want you to count on us to pull off the most spectacular look for your wedding day with our cosmetic dentistry options in Hillsborough, NC! Every Bride & Groom Should Get Cosmetic Dentistry! Whether ...

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3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Teeth This Spring [BLOG]

With spring a few days away, our team at Carolina Bright Smiles is checking in to make sure you know how to take good care of your teeth! Our team in Hillsborough, NC is here for you and your smile, as always! 3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Teeth This Spring Simple tips can go a long way when it comes to protecting your teeth and gums. As the seasons ...

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Do You Need Restorative Dental Treatment? [QUIZ]

Your teeth should be strong, healthy, and fully-functional. That means any pain or discomfort you’re feeling when you eat needs attention. At Carolina Bright Smiles, we offer restorative dental treatment for an array of troublesome issues with your teeth. Repairing and protecting your teeth with restorative dentistry also keeps your smile ...

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