Why You Should See An Endodontist For Your Root Canal

Not only should you see an endodontist for your root canal, you should see our endodontist for your root canal. Carolina Bright Smiles feels so fortunate that our patients are able to benefit from Dr. King’s experience and expertise as the only endodontist in Hillsborough, NC.Don’t let a good tooth go bad. Visit Dr. King at Carolina Bright Smiles ...

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The Long-Term Risks Of Tooth Loss

Our Hillsborough, NC dental office loves sharing information with patients about how to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful. But sometimes, tooth loss happens. Dr. Garrett, Dr. Razavi, and Carolina Bright Smiles’ endodontist, Dr. King, want to talk to you about the long-term risks of tooth loss and what you can do to mitigate them with restorative ...

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Are Tooth Loss And Dementia Connected? [FAQ]

Q: Is There A Connection Between Tooth Loss And Dementia? The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published findings that seniors who still have their teeth fare better against dementia. It’s suspected that chewing helps keep blood flowing to your brain. Carolina Bright Smiles can help you with any tooth loss concerns you might have. Call our ...

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Life After Braces: Cosmetic Dentistry For Your Smile

If we’ve just straightened your smile for you, our Hillsborough, NC dental office is so pleased you chose Carolina Bright Smiles for your adult braces!If you’re still doing your research on braces, you should know:Carolina Bright Smiles offers braces, so you can see your dentist for your orthodontic treatment We have Invisalign clear ...

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Welcome To Our Blog!

Welcome to the Carolina Bright Smiles website and blog! Our new blog is a great place for you to stay up-to-date on our Hillsborough, NC dental office’s services and pick up new tips for caring for your smile. We’ve also upgraded our website, so it’ll be a lot easier for you to find the information you need quickly.Meet Dr. Garrett, Dr. King, ...

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