Disregard These Myths About Root Canals! [BLOG]

Are you ready to do some serious debunking with us today? Check out today’s blog, courtesy of our team at Carolina Bright Smiles in Hillsborough, NC where we do some mythbusting about a widely, although unnecessarily, feared dental treatment: the root canal! Root Canals: The Necessary Evil Of Dentistry? Each and every day, your mouth is under attack ...

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Strengthen Weak Teeth With Our Dental Crowns! [VIDEO]

Chemotherapy weakened Marian’s teeth, so much that one of her old restorations finally broke under pressure. At her husband’s urging, Marian sought the help of Dr. Garrett and our team at Carolina Bright Smiles in Hillsborough, NC. Listen to her touching story about how we not only gave her a new dental crown, but how we helped ease her dental ...

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How Restorative Dentistry Can Rescue Your Smile [BLOG]

No matter how consistent and responsible you are in regard to your oral and overall health, you’re still susceptible to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease at various points in your life. That’s because we don’t live in a utopia where accidents never happen and your genetics are always working in your favor. You could be in need of ...

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3 Ways To Brighten Your Smile This Summer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does your smile look a bit dark and dull this summer? Then brighten it up with cosmetic dentistry at Carolina Bright Smiles! It’s so much simpler than you might think, thanks to the variety of treatments to choose from in our Hillsborough, NC dental practice. Here’s an infographic that lists three easy smile enhancements for summer. Call ...

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Does Your Summer Smile Need A Dental Crown & Bridge? [PHOTO]

Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles wants to make sure your summer is relaxing and enjoyable. That’s why we’re showing you a before and after look at one of the ways you can fix your smile in our Hillsborough, NC dental office. After all, this is the kind of season that demands healthy, strong teeth, right? Check out what our dental crowns and ...

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Make A Huge Improvement To Your Smile With Dental Veneers [BLOG]

A beautiful smile is something very few of us are born with. That’s perfectly fine as long as you have a talented dentist like Dr. Garrett at Carolina Bright Smiles! In our Hillsborough, NC practice, you can make your summer project a new and improved smile with custom dental veneers! Keep reading to find out how to get this simple, yet ...

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Avoid These 2 Smile Saboteurs Of Summer [BLOG]

Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles hopes you’re able to keep smiling and beat the heat during the next few months of another hot summer in North Carolina. We also hope you’re able to steer clear of dental emergencies. That’s why we’re shedding light on a couple of habits you might look to for relief from the heat this time of year without ...

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Will Short-Term Orthodontics Work For Me? [QUIZ]

Straight teeth are a big part of having an attractive smile. But are you past the point of wearing braces? Not necessarily! Dr. Garrett and our team at Carolina Bright Smiles offer short-term orthodontics, which may be the way you can get the smile you want without metal braces! Take today’s quiz to see if short-term orthodontics in our ...

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Six Month Smiles Is A Great Early Christmas Gift! [BLOG]

It’s not too early to get a jump on some Christmas shopping. Not for other people, but for yourself! At Carolina Bright Smiles in Hillsborough, NC, we offer Six Month Smiles, a form of short-term orthodontics, that gives you a straight, beautiful smile in only a few months, something you can't do with standard braces. Give Yourself A Gift Now With ...

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Replace Missing Teeth Before Summer Is Here! [PHOTO]

If you haven’t replaced your missing teeth yet, you have two choices. You can spend the next few months in hiding, avoiding delicious food you once enjoyed before tooth loss. Or you can replace your missing teeth at Carolina Bright Smiles and eat all the foods you love at your summer barbecues and smile with confidence! Here’s a before and ...

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