Avoid These 2 Smile Saboteurs Of Summer [BLOG]

Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles hopes you’re able to keep smiling and beat the heat during the next few months of another hot summer in North Carolina. We also hope you’re able to steer clear of dental emergencies. That’s why we’re shedding light on a couple of habits you might look to for relief from the heat this time of year without ...

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Will Short-Term Orthodontics Work For Me? [QUIZ]

Straight teeth are a big part of having an attractive smile. But are you past the point of wearing braces? Not necessarily! Dr. Garrett and our team at Carolina Bright Smiles offer short-term orthodontics, which may be the way you can get the smile you want without metal braces! Take today’s quiz to see if short-term orthodontics in our ...

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Six Month Smiles Is A Great Early Christmas Gift! [BLOG]

It’s not too early to get a jump on some Christmas shopping. Not for other people, but for yourself! At Carolina Bright Smiles in Hillsborough, NC, we offer Six Month Smiles, a form of short-term orthodontics, that gives you a straight, beautiful smile in only a few months, something you can't do with standard braces. Give Yourself A Gift Now With ...

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Replace Missing Teeth Before Summer Is Here! [PHOTO]

If you haven’t replaced your missing teeth yet, you have two choices. You can spend the next few months in hiding, avoiding delicious food you once enjoyed before tooth loss. Or you can replace your missing teeth at Carolina Bright Smiles and eat all the foods you love at your summer barbecues and smile with confidence! Here’s a before and ...

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What CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns Did For This Patient! [VIDEO]

Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles is so excited to share today’s patient testimonial with you! Conway came to us in desperate need of restorative dentistry to repair his smile. In fact, he needed a staggering thirteen dental crowns! You might imagine Conway’s smile restoration journey took months of preparation and long stretches wearing ...

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Is It A Dental Emergency Or Can It Wait? [QUIZ]

You could be involved in an accident that results in an injury in or around your mouth, but still not be sure if it’s considered an emergency. We tend to put off medical treatment thinking it can wait, but when it comes to your oral health, you shouldn’t leave things up to chance. When you face a dental emergency, reach out to Dr. Garrett at ...

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How To Stop Letting Dental Anxiety Control You [BLOG]

Is anyone really happy about going to the dentist? As much as we’d love to hear that patients enjoyed coming to Carolina Bright Smiles for the first time, we know they don’t if they’ve spent years away from routine dental care because of dental anxiety. However, what we soon see are those same patients overcoming their fears and taking back ...

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To Upgrade Your Smile, Turn To Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

Are you ready for a smile upgrade? You may be surprised to learn that not all cosmetic dentistry options require hours at the dentist or painful, extensive treatments. At Carolina Bright Smiles, we can improve your appearance in a variety of ways thanks to our skilled dentist, Dr. Garrett, our experienced team, and our advanced strategies to eliminate ...

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The Best Dental Work Is The Kind You Can’t Feel! [VIDEO]

The best kind of dental work is the kind you can’t even feel. At least that’s our philosophy at Carolina Bright Smiles! And it’s one of the many things our patient, Richard, appreciates about our team in Hillsborough, NC. Here’s Richard telling you more about why he’s glad he discovered Dr. Garrett and what keeps him coming back for ...

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Why CEREC Same-Day Dentistry Is Worth Celebrating [BLOG]

It’s easy to put off dental treatment because of inconvenience. We know life gets pretty hectic, especially during the summer months. Our team at Carolina Bright Smiles understands how busy you are, which is why we’ve invested in CEREC same-day technology so that you can get the most out of your dental appointments in our Hillsborough, NC ...

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