Our Hillsborough, NC dental office has received a lot of great questions from our patients over the years. Check out our frequently asked questions or contact Carolina Bright Smiles to ask your own. You can reach us by phone at 919-296-0409 or right now by filling out our online form. Dr. King, Dr. Garrett, and our entire team of dental professionals look forward to assisting you!

Q: What If I’m Scared Of The Dentist?

Carolina Bright Smiles puts the “bright” in smiles in more ways than one. Not only will we keep your smile shiny and fresh, but you’ll also be comforted by all the bright, welcoming members of our team. We’re happy to answer all your questions, move at your pace, and make sure you’re cozy with items from our comfort menu. We also offer oral sedation, inhaled sedation, and Anutra Medical’s pain-free general anesthesia – our shots don’t sting! If you have dental anxiety, we’re here to make you feel at ease.

Q: How Can I Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Bad breath can often be avoided through twice-a-day tooth brushing and daily flossing and even by maintaining your regular six-month dental checkups. But if you have a case that can’t be beat, the cause could be gum disease. Call us for a consultation to get to the bottom of your bad breath.

Q: Do Root Canals Hurt?

Modern dentistry is mostly pain-free and, at Carolina Bright Smiles, that includes root canals too! We have Hillsborough, NC’s only root canal specialist, endodontist Dr. Wayne King. A tooth in need of a root canal hurts because it has an infection deep inside. Dr. King will clear out the infection and protect your tooth against future infection with a dental crown.

Ask your questions in person – Carolina Bright Smiles offers complimentary consultations and free second opinions. Call us at 919-296-0409 or use our online form.

More Gaps in Your Smile!
More Gaps in Your Smile!

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